Thursday, March 14, 2013

Joy In Routine

Are you a Mom or a person stuck in routine? Do you delight in your routine or disdain it? Perhaps both at times. . . 

Lately I have noticed how the very rhythm of routine is calming. 

I awake to sunshine. Knowing that this day holds the care and rearing of my 3 small children. 

I pray and entrust this day to God, asking for his presence. Knowing that without it I will fail miserably and knowing I will stumble in my humanity from time to time. 

I dress my little ones, I wash clothes, I feed them. I cook meals,  I kiss owies, I give hugs and make pony tails. 

These are my responsibilities, my pleasures, my joys. 

I know I could leave my young brood with a nanny and work.I know I could do more and be with them less. 

Yet, No One will love them and influence them the way a Mama can. 

I have accepted my place. At long last I have found joy in the routine.  My greatest pleasures are the simple ones of motherhood. The new words, the lessons I teach my children daily with our homeschool, the Bible stories taught and questions asked. 

I have a calling, it may not change the world. But it is changing the lives of 3 little people; one minute, hour and day at a time. 

And each day when I see the principles, the character and the faith of my children growing and developing, I am proud and at peace. 

For there really is no greater calling for a woman, a mother, a wife than to serve well that which she has been entrusted.

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