Friday, March 1, 2013

Faith and Fear

Lately I  have found myself confronted with more fears than I normally face. Fears of the end of the world as I know it. Fears of microchips and end times and pain and suffering.

Then there was a terrible accident at an intersection not far from our home.. The police and ambulance had the scene blocked off for at least 4 hours, an ambulance blocked the road where we normally drive out to get on the highway.

I found myself gripped with fear as I rose to a new day, I was supposed to go on a day long date with my husband. We had fun plans in mind, it should have been something to look forward. But it was snowing and I feared leaving my house and our babysitter and our three munchkins. I feared something would happen on the road. I was very tempted to stay home and not step foot out of my home. Fear has a paralyzing effect.

But I prayed, I believed, I went.

Of course we had a special day together running errands, eating  lunch out and going to a museum.

In the evening we had our girl's Bible study at our home. We had our first guest, a lady of faith from our church who does lots of ministry with the poor.  She had felt God's leading to talk about faith. As she shared how faith looks in her life and the stories of God's faithfulness and provision, I was touched.

Here is a woman facing real life problems daily. She helps the poor, the fatherless, the widows, the alcoholics, and people in all kinds of situations. She has no fear, and walks by faith. She clearly reminded us fear is not of God!

I was moved when she talked about the position we are to have as obedient and submissive wives. I was challenged by the thoughts on our not being able to change our situations anyhow- so why do we worry and fret. We need only trust God and walk by faith. He is in charge and fully capable of caring for us in EVERY way.

And as I laid down to go to bed, I again laid down my worries at the feet of my Father in  Heaven- knowing that He will care for me, my children and my family and loved ones in every single circumstance. He is worthy. He is faithful and all I need to do is trust  Him!

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