Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Plate

I have this problem with my stomach and it seems to have started about the time my second child was born. My stomach is super sensitive to what I eat and I MUST be careful not to eat certain things. One of which is sauteed sauerkraut- Latvian style. However, I do so enjoy sauerkraut and this weekend I ate some. 

I have been paying for ever since with lots of tummy problems. This is not a new problem and I am trying to baby myself through and hope my stomach will be back to normal soon. 

Today I was thinking a lot about this stomach problem and wondering if it is the food or the stress in my life. 

I have a lot of stuff going on in my life now. They are all good things, important things and many of them are necessary things. But I began to realize that my plate it a bit too full. 

I had this visual picture of a nice full plate of veges- all of them good- and all of them healthy. But when I look at that plate of veges I know it is too many and I will NEVER be able to eat them all. This is the plate of my life now. My life is full of lots of good things, but my plate is overflowing with being a Mom of 3, preparing for a huge trip and just life in general. I am coming to realize that I am subconsciously stressed out. 

Thus my stomach is super duper sensitive. 

So as I did research about possible stomach issues. And as I prayed I came to some solutions/conclusions. 

I will: 

  1. Try to do less. 
  2. Try to relax when I eat and believe my tummy will be ok. Breathing deeply and believing that God will use these foods to benefit my body and help me make milk for my breastfed baby rather than torturing me and confining me to the WC. 
  3. Make healthy diet choices and try to say now to those coveted foods that I know my tummy hates. 

How do you deal with your stress? 

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