Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Fluttering Heart

Yesterday my husband came home sick, he went to bed and several hours later fainted in the bathroom. I called the equivalent of 911, and he was taken to the hospital. He is still there today, having tests done and getting fluids by IV.

I realized some things as I was handed responsibility for a night, not knowing what was the matter or what to expect. My 3 small kids tucked into their beds clueless that their daddy had been whisked away. I realized how much I lean on my husband for stability.

He is so patient, strong, gentle and calm. He is like the pillars in our home, standing firm and strong. I am like a tile roof and as the our family's pillars were shaken I felt my tiles beginning to quiver and slide.

I thank God that He understands and that He is my strong foundation.

As I try to read God's word I cannot concentrate for more than a few minutes. My heart, mind and thoughts are continually flying off to be with my love.

I thank God that He understands and doesn't condemn me for my weaknesses.

I am like a butterfly swooping into to settle on the flower of truth God is extending me. And as I read in Philippians 4 to rejoice, and not be anxious my heart is calmed and I flutter on. I know that soon again I will need the nectar of truth that only He can give and will go back to His Word and He will never cease to feed my thirst after Him and His truth.

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