Friday, May 18, 2012

Too much to do, Too little time aka A Day in My Life

As Moms I would say we are always feeling there is a shortage of time. Whether you have 3 kids 4 and under like me or more of them, or even just one child- TIME is just never enough!

I find myself whirling through my days trying to get as much done as possible.

Today I got up, got the kids dressed, ate breakfast and got into cleaning mode. My parents are coming next week. We get to see them once a year, living on the other side of the globe away. So this is a BIG event for us. I moved beds, swept, carried toys to a new location - so that the guest room (which when we have no guests is a play room) would be tidy, cleaned the kitchen, washed the cabinets, washed the dishes, swept the entry way and organized the shoes there. All in 2 hours! I am not usually in a cleaning mood and do not do deep cleaning often- I don't have time.

I was so happy my D-boy caught the spirit and got right in there helping me and wanting more cleaning jobs. Cute! Even my two  year old A-girlie was helping!

By this time the baby sitter had arrived and I got my newborn ready and headed to town. My older kids went out to enjoy the day with the sitter and K-boy and I headed out to run errands. We bought a gift and headed to the post office. Post offices are used for all kinds of OTHER reasons (like paying bills, receiving pensions, sending money orders, etc) in Latvia, which makes lines there sometimes hideously long and SLOW! Fortunately today was not too bad and we got in and out in about 15 minutes.

Then I ran a few other errands and called my honey man and asked him where he was and if he wanted to get lunch out rather than at home. We have not had a date in a while and he was all for it. We met and ate out. Nice.

Then I went home and had my quiet time while the sitter finished putting the kids down for their nap. Then since I am also my sitter's mentor we met and chatted, read, and prayed. Then my baby sitter went home.

K-boy woke up and I nursed him while checking my etsy, and e-mails. My toddlers were awake- but I had them stay in their room and look at books so I could "rest." Then I chatted with my Mama via Skype.

By this time honey daddy was home and the kids wanted to watch a cartoon. I let them watch two short Thomas episodes while changing baby. Then we decided we all needed to go outside and enjoy the nice day. Then we had to think about supper. . .

YIKES! Since baby was born I am out of whack with meal planning and only start fixing supper when my husband GETS home rather than the former having it ready and eating when he gets home.

We pulled out some leftovers and had a light supper and then all headed outside again.

I picked some rhubarb, which is just now coming on. I decided I should whip up a pie. So while my husband did yard work I literally whipped up two pies. I think that was the fastest I have ever made pies. BUT I really wanted to get out in the yard and do some garden work.

By this time my K-boy was wanting to eat again- so I nursed him, burped him and put him back in his buggy to sleep. Just as I began to weed in the green house he started crying. So back to baby again, and this went on all evening. He finally fell into a deep sleep and we got the greenhouse weeded. FINALLY!

Our older kids played in the yard. Their new thing is to gather moss and put it in water with some dirt and make "oil". Funny, but cute.  I remember making these concoctions too as a kid- but we called it soup. And when we had the year of the locusts we made locust soup- ha ha.

When we came in we had some warm pie- yum! My husband went off to men's Bible study. I put the kids to bed and "chilled" at the computer- catching up on convos and what not.

Yet despite this full day I feel like I didn't get enough done. The house isn't clean enough, the garden is still weedy. The floors need scrubbing and so on and so forth.

My husband has the capability of doing one thing and doing it well and thoroughly and until it is finished. I on the other hand swirl through life thinking about EVERYTHING and doing them all - but  not so well. Which is better? Doing all and not so well, or doing one thing and doing it well? Or does it not really matter?

Ok. . . who cares. . . Good night! 

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