Sunday, May 20, 2012

Scary, and I mean SCARY

Last night I was out late because of big sales at the bookstore. I got home about 10:30 PM. We went to bed as usual and had a peaceful night.

This morning  I headed downstairs to take a shower and noticed a puddle by the door. I thought that was odd. I got the mop to clean it up and noticed some shoes in the middle of the floor.  .

Then I glanced at the outside door bolt and wondered if it was locked. I checked, and it wasn't. In fact it as I turned the bolt I realized my keys were in the lock- on the OUTSIDE. Yikes! I got them out and locked the door.

Then I started looking better at the shoes in the middle of the floor. They were not our shoes and there was a wallet on the table. Hmm. . . strange.

Then things started getting really fishy and scary in my mind and I decided to take a peek in our guest room just off the kitchen to make sure no one was there. And, AND, A-N-D- there was a STRANGER sleeping in one of our guest beds. He sort of glanced at me and I RAN upstairs and told my husband, "Go downstairs NOW. There is a strange man sleeping in one of our beds." (Sounds a bit like Goldilocks, doesn't it?)

He jumped in his pants faster than I have ever seen before and headed downstairs. By this time the man was up and wondering where on earth he was! He realized that was his wallet on the table because it had a picture of his son in it. He kept  wondering why he was here and thought he must have been out drinking with my husband (my husband doesn't drink).

In the end my husband took his name and numbers so that if anything turned up missing he could get a hold of him through the police.

Talk about scary and creep me out situation! Yikes.

You can be sure I will make sure I don't leave my keys on the outside anymore. I know we have left our door open other times. But why our house? Did he go around trying all the doors?

I am just soooooooooooo thankful we are all ok and nothing was stolen!

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  1. Oh, Elizabeth,
    I THANK GOD you and your family are safe...