Monday, April 9, 2012

Kids and Sushi

My kids love, love, LOVE sushi. 

This is how we make it. ( I am no specialist- for that you can search on the Internet- but I made it the way we like it). 

You need: 
  • seaweed sheets ( I usually roll one per person). 
  • rice ( I use the cheapest rice- classic) Freshly cooked and slightly cooled and splashed with rice vinegar
  • crab sticks
  • green onions 
  • bell peppers
  • a rolling mat

 Spread with rice. Place desired fillings on one side and roll tightly, yet gently. Can use the mat for assistance- see Internet for more detailed directions.
 Set aside so they can cool a bit more ( I usually use rather hot rice) and they set more.
 Cut with a very sharp knife.

Enjoy! Usually A-girl eats only half of one- last time she ate almost a whole roll herself. WOW! 

Janis is always served something else (if he is home) as he does NOT like sushi.

How do you make sushi?

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