Sunday, April 8, 2012

Belly Casts

In the book I have been reading to prepare for birth one of the art suggestions was to make a belly cast. There are a ton of ideas on how to do this on the Internet- and if you are in the US it looks like it is way easier because of the available materials. See here for a video on how to make one.

Since we don't have those kind of strips here we had to do it differently and it was VERY messy. But I am happy to have this special time saved by having made one. Our first attempt is rather lumpy and messy and we hope to do it once more before our baby comes- if we have time. I hope to paint it after that and make a it a lovely piece of art. There are also TONS of ideas on how to do that on the Internet.

I also found this blog when searching this topic and loved reading her stories and reading about her belly casts.

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