Friday, January 6, 2012

Worries about Pregnancy, Birth, Motherhood.

I am working through a book for preparation for birth. True this is not my first birth- but I want something different. I want to work through the pain and try to understand if I can birth without it as others do.

The book challenged me to write for 15 minutues about what I fear. Here are a few of those things:
  1. Not knowing where I will have my baby ( With the first two I knew where I wanted to- this time I am unsure)
  2. Not knowing which midwife to give birth with. (The one I had the first two with or the one I am seeing now?)
  3. Tearing 
  4. Being out of control during labor. 
  5. Pain during the pushing stage that makes me feel I'm going to die. 
  6. Health problems after birth. 
  7. My kids (where will they be? How will they handle the new baby?)
  8. My baby being too big (The midwife says he will be at least as big as the last. She was almost 10 lbs! )
  9. Money (I want to be able to afford the kind of birth I desire). The most expensive senerio is still cheap when compared to other countries.  But not cheap for us. ($1200 max.)
  10. Child Support (It looks we may not have the government support this time around since I had to leave my job)
What are your worries in regards to birth? What were they then? Did your worries come to pass? 


  1. Glad you are working through this! You can do it! Let go of your fears and trust your body. Many many tiny women I know have successfully birthed big babies. Doctors like to scare you into c-sections with big babies because they are easy for waiting around and more money. Just found your blog - love it :)

  2. p.s. have you read the hynobirthing book. I found it very empowering.

  3. No, I have not read that book. Thanks for the suggestion and the comments :)