Sunday, January 15, 2012

Velcro and Elastic

I sometimes have the feeling I am held together with Velcro and compression stockings.

I hope I am not the only woman out there who as she bears more children and grows a few years older finds herself needing more shall we say, "support?"

I have a very minimal problem with veins and so am wearing a compression sock. I usually only wear it on one leg because it annoys me to have a thigh high sock to wear every day. To be honest I do not wear it everyday because I can't put it up with it. I have noticed though that my other ankle swells by the end of the day when I have been on my feet a lot. So I am wearing both compression socks now-no swelling. Yay!

I also find that when I am pregnant my back hurts a lot- from the very beginning. My midwife suggested I try a support belt. I got one the other day FINALLY. It is a dream, though a bit annoying to put on since I have to do so laying down so my tummy and baby will be in the right position. I really enjoy the extra support. But worry I might become too addicted to this. When I take it off my back hurts right away. . .  also when I eat I feel I have no room and have to loosen it if I hope to eat anything.

Oh the joys of pregnancy. This is the third time around for me and though I do have more complaints I must also say I have more joy too.

I want to get some professional photos down during this pregnancy- you never know if there is another baby in the future or not. I am also working on preparing for birth and the section of the book I am now on is art. My first assignment was to draw myself as I see myself pregnant. I had my husband do it as well- we had a good laugh. By the end of my drawing/ sketching assignments it will be interesting to look back and see how I saw myself in various ways: as a pregnant woman, mother, etc.

What did you do to prepare for birth?

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