Friday, January 6, 2012

Too many ambitions?

Today I was chatting with my Mom on Skype as we do most afternoons. I like to talk to her while I am making supper. We have a Skype phone and I can visit while I work. This is always the best time for us to chat.

Anyhow- I was telling her all the things I am doing now and the things I am hoping to get done before our baby is born in April.

I then realized that these are the things I have resolved to do as much as possible this year. The rest of the year after the baby comes in completely left blank in my mind because I know it will take several months to readjust to life.

Here are the things I hope to do by April and the things I am working on now:

  • Eat healthier 
  • Exercise a bit daily 
  • Continue to paint silk though not as intensely because I have other things to get caught up on. I am now working on two ties and one scarf and have my new Valentine's Cards and earrings available
  • Catch up on the kids scrapbooks and begin a family scrapbook. 
  • Make a quilt for this baby and for A- she never did get one. It could be her gift for her 2nd birthday. ( I have the blocks cut out for the background)
  • Plan lessons or rather crafts for the kids on a weekly basis. More to come on this topic in a later post :) 
My Mom said I am too ambitious. After the baby comes I hope to adjust to life with 3 kids and do a bit of gardening. Then in the Fall it would be nice to back into painting again. But we shall see :)

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