Thursday, February 6, 2014

When it's all said and done. . .

I am a people pleaser.

I have always wanted to do my best and make everyone around me happy.

Tonight as I dragged my weary self from work (the work I love) I felt defeated- again. I wondered if I had done a good enough job and if my cakes will be delicious and right, and hold up. I wondered if I remembered to do everything I was supposed to. I wondered if I had parented correctly. I wondered and wondered. . . And when I looked at myself I was displeased- always expecting better of myself.

I realized all of a sudden that I will never please all these people. These sinful people, just like me are always pointing their fingers and finding faults. I realized that no one will ever be pleased with me entirely. I realized that parenting will always have its moments. . .

But most importantly I FINALLY realized that all those things, and opinions don't matter. If at the end of my day I could ask my Lord, "Did I please you today?" And if I were to hear Him say, "Well done my daughter." That would be enough, completely enough.

For in this big world people will always find fault with me and what I do- and I need to accept that. I will always make mistakes now and again. But what is most important is whether I lived THIS day to the honor of HIM who made me. Did I please HIM? Did I live the way HE wants?

If so, then that is enough.

And when I lay my head down on my pillow I can breath a deep sigh of relief; knowing that He who made me loves me. He who created my unique talents and details accepts me. And HE will help me live each day for Him, if I will just ask.

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