Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Landaws

When I was a freshman in college, new and totally green to the world of students. Our missionaries in residence were the Landaws.

I remember how in our very early classes they would be there- always together. They were a couple that made you feel welcome, loved, and important,

I wasn't a real MK, but having spent a year in those type of circumstances earlier on somehow I got thrown in the bunch of missionary kids who got invited to their home.

Jane Landaw was a sweetheart. I loved going up to their place early, before the other students came to help. I have always loved helping out, especially in the kitchen, and so naturally that is where I helped out best.

I remember making something, I think she called it "stacky uppy" or something like that. There was rice, and veges and all kinds of things we could add to the pile on our plates.

This was a couple that radiated love for one another and love for Jesus.

Jane made me feel welcome, when I was a lonesome student far from home my freshman year. She made me feel like my wild dreams of being a missionary were not so unattainable.

Now looking back I never was as close to any of the other missionaries in residence during my following 3 years studying.

But I am so thankful God brought the Landaws to my college when I was a Freshman. He knew I needed a family who would welcome me- when mine was so far. I am thankful for the things I learned from them- about becoming a missionary. Even now I remember how Jane shared about how she had to get out of her comfort zone and be with the people to show them Jesus.

Thank you dear friends for the example you were to those of us studying to be missionaries and for welcoming all of us MKs at your home.

Thanks for showing us a godly, happy marriage- I loved watching you both and hearing her exclaim, "Oh, Harry!"

Thank you for being Jesus to a bunch of college students, and to the people who have known you around the world.

You have blessed my life and the lives of so many others.

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