Sunday, February 9, 2014

Children's Libraries

Growing up it seems we went to the library a lot. I have always LOVED libraries, and kid's libraries is the States are so well stocked and so interesting.

I have extremely fond memories of checking out kid's books a child, youth books as a teen and of course adult books, not to mention films. Here in Latvia I have yet to see a library with films- sad.

I am very thankful that our town does have a children's library- with a nice selection of books in Latvian for the kids.  They even have one, very small part of a large shelf for kid's books in English.

I was wishing that I had an American children's library at my fingertips. I would read LOTS of books to my kids. (At least I think I would) As it is we do read a lot from our children's Bibles in English and we do read the books we have in English. But still. . . no harm in wishing I guess.

One thing that makes not have a library here that carries books in English easier is that my Dad reads to the grand kids over Skype. They love that, though the picture quality isn't always the best, it is something they can enjoy doing with Grandma and Grandpa.

So- let's be thankful today for books in our languages, libraries and special moments together.

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