Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hope Chest Bear

This is the story of a bear who some years ago was lovingly tucked away into the hope chest of a young maiden. 

The young maiden believed that one day she would share this Teddy bear with her children. The bear was so sweet, and cute. She just knew her kids would love it and it would be treasured and toted about. 

Years past and the bear stayed safe and clean tucked between the other items waiting when she would start her own home and family. 

Eventually the young maiden married and started a family and so baby number one got to "have" this Teddy bear. 

Unfortunately he was replaced when another was gifted to the baby whom the baby seemed to like much more. 

Two more babies were born into this family and the Mommy thought one of them would love the Teddy- but no one did. 

Eventually she decided that perhaps this Teddy would be better off finding another home since none of her three offspring loved him. 

And yet, she grew sad thinking of parting with him. . . remembering how he had been tucked away in her hope chest with such love and longing for the babies she would one day have. 

And yet she knew that one must get rid of things one doesn't need and so she took a photo of that cute Teddy, wrote his story and sent him off into the big wide world. 

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