Sunday, May 19, 2013

Things that Inspire

For some time I have been totally void of painting inspiration. Perhaps it is the call of spring to spend hours in the sun and garden. Perhaps it is the fact that sales are EXTREMELY slow. Whatever the reason I had a NEED (women will know what I mean by that) to find some summery shoes.

So I searched the mall the other day and in the last store I went into, which happened to be H&M, I found the perfect shoes. They were bright, fun, summery colors. I knew as soon as I slipped this magenta purple shoe on my foot that I had fallen in love. And when I checked out with my shoes I felt a wave of inspiration come pouring over me that I had long been longing for. I am happy to say that I have a scarf already drawn and just waiting to be painted.

The next source of my inspiration is flowers. I am a budding gardener and trying to find my style in the area of flowers. I attended a plant market on Saturday and came home with this wonderful pink Hydrangea/ It reminds me of our wonderful trip across Europe and the wonderfully bright hydrangea bushes we saw all over France. I have wanted one of these for a while and hope this one likes my garden.

I also got another rose. I am coming to realize roses are my TOP favorite flower, I love how elegant, feminine and fragrant they are. I chose this one because I loved the delicate color. I didn't have one in this shade yet and it just spoke to me. I came home and discovered it is called "Antique Caramel." It is also very fragrant and perfect for a bridal bouquet. (Since I am trying to make my garden beautiful before my brother's wedding I was happy for this additional bit of knowledge). If anyone has any idea of good summer flowers, that fill gardens fast and are low maintenance I would certainly be happy to know your favorites!

One can never have too many French Macaroons, and in my new addiction to perfecting the art of these delicate cookies I jump at any opportunity to whip up a batch. I love it when they turn out looking like they ought.

What is inspiring you today?

I am so sleepy now and hoping this post makes sense. I guess I've been burning the candle on both ends a bit too long, off to bed for me.

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