Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Shelf of Books

Funny, how much one small section of books amongst a ton of other books can bring so much joy to the beholder.

I've always loved books and libraries. I miss the libraries of America. But am thankful for the fun, new books I am finding here too- in Latvian.

I enjoy choosing books at the children's library for my kids. Yesterday as I was searching for books I stumbled across a section of kid's books in English. I had never even bothered asking if there were any, simply assuming there would not be.

Needless to stay I was more than a little excited and happy to be able to check out, "Green Eggs and Ham" and a few other books to read to my kids in English.

I still wish I could get beginner English books for my little boy who is learning to read- but am thankful for this pleasant little surprise.

We will enjoy reading every good book in English that they have, and who knows, maybe we can even share a few of ours as the kids outgrow them. 

What is brightening your day today?

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