Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Battle Begins

Those who read my blog know that our little 3 year old daughter has struggled with very bad eczema for the past year and a half. We have seen numerous doctors, dermatologists, allergists, etc. But it kept seeming she had no allergies.

We had tried eliminating a food item for a week or two at a time. We have been avoiding red and orange foods for at least a month (they irritate further skin that is already sore and red)

Our life seems constrained on all sides for our sweet little girl. But she has accepted her limited diet with joy. As long as we are able to give her an alternative, she is always happy to get whatever she can. Our son can eat oranges, or ice cream, she gets bananas and nuts and feels special because her snack or dessert is different.

A friend has told me her son is allergic to dust mites, cat hair (even though they don't have a cat) and dust.  She suggested I have the doctor test these same items.

So last week when we saw the allergist I told her I'd like her to test for dust mites, mold , etc. The dd the skin test and it turns out that our little lady is VERY allergic to dust mites. They gave me a paper of things we need to do to clean her bed, room and our home. It is a daunting list, to say the least! But I am extremely happy that at long last we have a positive for a test, this is the first test that we ever had a lead on.

She also had blood tests done to see if she might be allergic to any of 30 food items. Nothing came back too highly rated, but eggs and milk were a little higher than the rest. So for the next month she gets no eggs and no milk.

I am grateful for some positive answers as to what is and could be causing her eczema. I am extremely grateful that she does not have asthma, which many do have when they have such a strong allergic reaction to dust mites. I am overwhelmed with I think of the cleaning regime I need to input. I am starting with been zealous cleaning her sheets, bed and their room daily.

Prayers appreciated in all of this! 



  1. Thanks to the Lord for you know the reason now! We are praying for all of this!
    Love and missing! Gunta

    1. Thank you! We miss you too. When I asked D who he wanted to come for his birthday the first person he said was Peteris!

  2. I don't envy the cleaning that you will have to do; however I am incredibly excited that you found out such a major allergy. I am praying that this helps your dear sweet little girl not itch anymore! God is so good! ~JoY :-)