Friday, March 9, 2012

Getting Ready

Yesterday I had my last midwife appointment. Saturday I will be 35 weeks pregnant.

I am starting to get ready for the arrival of this little one. I am so eager to hold him in my arms and have him out of my huge tummy.

Last week I went through baby clothes and washed and arranged his clothes in his drawer. My older two kids- ages 3 and 1 were so into the process of finding the clothes. My 22 month daughter wanted to try everything on. It is cute to see them so into the process.

We also stopped in at the huge market in Riga and stocked up. Things are so much cheaper there if one has the time to go. I loved having my husband along for the shopping because he isn't so stick-to-the-list as me and it makes our shopping more fun :)

Today I have been cooking and freezing meals so that he will have an easy time fixing meals after the baby is born. He will be the cook for the 10 days he has off after the baby arrives. I made Rachael Ray's meatballs and froze those. These are my favorite for spaghetti with meatballs. YUM! I also made cutlets- they are very popular over here. I always make a lot and freeze them. This too is my favorite recipe.

I feel like I am finally getting things ready- how wonderful!

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