Friday, March 16, 2012

The Second Birth

As my third labor approaches I am trying to prepare myself in any and every way possible. I have done a variety of pregnancy art. And been rethinking my former two experiences.

2 years ago-

Friday- D and I went with your Daddy to work. While he worked, we walked around a park, by the river. Friday evening I received word from my friend Gunta that her baby was the way. Early Saturday morning their son Reinis was born and the midwife (our midwife) came to stay at our house for a few hours of sleep.

Saturday we went to a garden show/sale. On the way there while listening to the radio a song came on that I really like, "My Idea of Heaven". I just started crying when I heard it, it is so sweet and romantic. Could this have been a sign you were to be a girl? I very rarely cry when listening to music and this day I was a basket case. . . Perhaps a sign of your soon to be birth :) In the middle of the night I started having a few contractions.

Sunday- Your Daddy thought we should send D to his godparents since it appeared you were on your way. But I wasn't having regular contractions and didn't want D to be gone the whole day. Since after a while it appeared nothing much was happening we let him stay home for the day. I went on a walk by the river, hoping to get things moving along again. Towards evening my contractions started to be a bit more frequent and it was agreed that D would spend the night at his godparent's and that our midwife would come later.

When D was picked up and your Daddy and I were left alone, he decided to help me try and relax. He game me a back massage and turned on some relaxing music. He had chosen music ahead of time to help me relax. Rudite, our midwife arrived about 23:00. We had tea and chatted, she observed my response to the three contractions I had during our tea and informed me they were good contractions :) I was glad to know things were going somewhere, as I had doubted whether things were really happening for real.  You would have thought I would have known since you are the second baby :) Rudite went to bed and I decided to try to get some rest as well.

I was able to sleep for about an hour when I was awakened by a very strong contraction which brought me quickly out of bed. I find contractions unbearable when lying down. From this time on I was on the move.I sat on the birth ball. Daddy supported me and we swayed together for some contractions. Other times I just leaned against the wall, and so forth. Throughout the night things continued to progress. When I got hungry you Daddy made me my requested food, which was toast with butter :)

Towards morning I decided to try a bath for relaxing. But I had such a strong contraction in the bath that I became very discouraged and started crying. I asked Daddy to wake up the midwife and have her come give me some encouragement.

She came, and informed me that I was 7 cm dilated. Almost all the way open, but that you still needed to come down. She estimated you would be born by noon, in just a few hours. I continued my pacing. In between contractions I even played a song on the piano and sang. It seems I had more breaks when nothing was happening during this labor. I don't remember that happening with D.

The midwife suggested I lay down and rest. I didn't like lying down. But I gave in, and when I laid down and she had gone downstairs my water broke. It wasn't just a nice little break, but it seemed like an explosion and I screamed in shock and pain from the contraction. From this moment on things really started happening and within an hour of pushing you were out!

I ended up having you laying down on my left side. This wasn't how I had imagined things would be, I didn't like lying down. But this ended up being the pose that made things happen. I was just glad when everything was over and you were out.

There you were, my blueish little lady. Your Daddy quickly said, "It is Amelija. Your dream come true." How precious! You were laid on my tummy, crying in protest. Being born is hard work I know. I couldn't believe how big and chubby you were. You weighed over 9 pounds, 4350 grams!! Wow!! You seemed to me like a little cherub, so cute and chubby.

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