Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Life I Live

Last summer my brother spent a good two months with us. It has been very interesting to see how those two months left such a lasting impression on him and how he liked so much of the natural lives we live here. I guess that after 6 years in Latvia I begin to take things for granted and wanted to share some of his musing with you.

I loved how close to the land ya'll live in Latvia. I'm definitely gonna pick blueberries in the mountains here this year. I was told on good authority that they do grow here. Trying to figure out how to live more like ya'll in some ways. Want my next home to have place for a garden... hopefully a dog too.

Sad how berry pickers and gardeners and fishermen are kinda like "crazies" here... there people actually do it for sustenance.

Here we don't experience the seasons like you do there. We turn on a switch when we need heat or AC... sometimes that's as much of the seasonal interaction that we seem to have. The produce is always in the stores, pretty much the same... just going up or down in price according to the seasons in Florida or Washington or California--somewhere across the country.

Guess I'm saying that you should be thankful for what you've got, just letting you see things through my eyes a bit.

And I should learn to live more like ya'll here, and encourage other to do so. :)

Neighbors... that's another thing I could get going on, where you Latvians are a great example to us.

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