Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Party Time

Since Saturday we have been celebrating my husband's birthday. We didn't intend to start that day. But D had seen me wrap Teti's gift and kept asking "Where is Teti's game?" I would say, "Shh, be quiet, that is a secret." But after about 6 times of this- it could no longer be kept a secret and I was tired of trying. So we gave him the gift early and enjoyed playing it.

Sunday the youth had a surprise party for him after church (he is the youth leader). I was happy he was SO surprised- he doesn't think he has ever had a surprise party before.

Sunday afternoon his sister came with two of her kids. We made 8 pizzas! We were expecting more company and celebrated all evening. But no one ate much so we froze a lot of pizza. That will be good after our baby is born :)

Monday we ate out for lunch. Picked glasses out for D and celebrated with ice cream. In the evening we had more guests.

Today we went to Riga. Went to a museum, ate out and then Jani's godmother came.

Whew! We have done a lot of partying lately. It has been good. But I am plum tuckered out.

My tummy seems to be getting more crampy lately. I can feel it getting ready for the BIG DAY! I can't wait to have this baby out and in my arms.

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