Monday, January 12, 2015

4 Weeks- Post Laparoscopic Appendectomy

December 10 was a normal day, busy, full. I was running around that evening, I thought I was fine.

Later that evening I was busy painting, I was drinking tea and nibbling chocolate as I worked to fill orders. I noticed my tummy  hurting a little. But thought little of it, my tummy aches other days too.

I went to bed late after an evening of painting and couldn't get comfy. My tummy hurt and neither side was right for sleeping. I got up a lot to use the restroom thinking it would relieve the tummy pain. All night long was sleepless- I finally drifted off towards morning.

My husband was working 2nd shift the next day and sent me in to see my doctor before he had to go to work. I couldn't clearly tell her if my side ached more when she pressed on it or released it- but she said it didn't look good and sent me to see the surgeon.

I felt surprisingly calm that morning. I was really tired, having not slept. I also felt that since I could drive myself to the doctor's it surely couldn't be too serious. . .

I was sent to make blood tests and then wait for the results and then back to the surgeon. When she got my tests back she said she 99% sure it was my appendix and I would need an operation that day. But just to be sure it wasn't something else she sent me to the gynaecologist.

From there it was a straight shot to the operating room. Even as they wheeled me down the hall way I was thinking that perhaps it was all a mistake and when they cut me open they'd realize it wasn't my appendix. I thought this because I had thought it should hurt more. . .

I was shocked how peaceful I felt through all of this. I have never liked doctors or hospitals- and had in fact never been admitted to one before. God was with me through this whole ordeal and was using these health problems to deal with unseen other healthy problems that had been slowly piling up.

Later that afternoon I was in my room with 3 other elderly ladies. I vomited alot after the anesthesia. I felt safe when my husband came and sat by me and held my hand. I had a tube for removing infection which was removed the following day.

48 hours passed without my being allowed to eat anything so when the first cream of wheat came on the 13th I was very happy to eat and it seemed delicious. The next few days of food weren't great, and I wondered how food could turn out that tasteless.

I was released on Monday- the 15th and eagerly awaited home by my husband and 3 kids.

A strict diet, not lifting and various meds were on the agenda through the holiday season- leaving me 7 lbs lighter and feeling a bit left out of the holiday baking spirit. Yet, things were calm this year for our home- and for that I am thankful.

Four weeks have passed since my operation and now my dietary restrictions are lifted so I will slowly being adding vegetables back into my diet (they were out because they cause cause bloating, etc).

I must say how thankful I am for God's good timing and the healing he has brought to me both through the doctors and medicines and his gentle touch of health and rest.

I was so incredibly blessed with visitors while in the hospital those 4 days and felt so special- knowing I wasn't forgotten. Thanks to everyone who took the time to visit me, call me and text me. Friends are such blessings in hard times.

I am so thankful for my husband who once again held the fort while I was on a forced "vacation" to regain my health!

Thanks to my kids who are learning how to do things I couldn't do for them this month after recovery.

Praise God through whom all blessings flow!

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