Wednesday, October 22, 2014

When God answers our prayers

I believe in God, and He answers prayers. Amazing, that One so great in splendor chooses to hear and answer my prayers.

I sometimes pray selfishly, "Lord, please do this for me or us. . ."

I sometimes pray for others, "Lord, be with my friend. . . and . . . "

I sometimes pray just to talk to our Big God, " Father, thank you for who YOU are. . . "

I sometimes ask for things, "Lord, if it's your will please provide and give us a dog . . . "

And the most amazing thing is that God always hears and HE always answers! He may not answer the way I want, just like a loving parent. Or sometimes He may answer the way I ask, in time. . . And sometimes when we get what we prayed for we realize we really didn't want that thing. . . But we (I) were not content with praying for God's will to be done.

I was pondering again on the fact that God is His kindness has recently answered some prayers of mine, which when I got them realized I should have left that decision more in God's hands and not have prayed so hard for it to come to be. Yet God, the Loving Father He is chose to let me learn by experience to trust Him more in the future for decisions.

You may wonder what this is that I prayed for, waited for, got and then regret getting.  . . Well it is our puppy.

For a whole year I looked for a puppy of this certain breed. I prayed of course. I trusted and I still looked and wanted and fretted. In the end God did give us just the kind of puppy I had wanted. But then BANG I realized having a puppy is by no means a story book. Having a puppy in my opinion is far more difficult then having a baby or 3 kids. And now as I look back over the last 4 month I realize that probably God had a reason for not giving me that puppy a whole year. But I wasn't content to leave it at that. Like a stubborn child I kept asking and HE is HIS kindness seemed to say, "Ok. Have your puppy. And learn from it, it won't be easy. . . and you will regret it. But I love you, so I will give it to you."

And so here we learn on and as much as we do enjoy our puppy , she is ALOT of work!

I thank God for answering my prayers and thank HIM that through this I can learn to trust HIM more.

How about you, did you ever pray for something and after God answered you wished He hadn't?

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