Monday, October 27, 2014

5 Reasons Silk Art is the Perfect Gift

Christmas is coming fast and as much as we all love that holiday it can be a bit stressful trying to get the perfect gifts for everyone or even a few gifts for those really special people on your list.

I am gonna make your life a whole lot easier by telling you 5 reasons why silk art is the perfect gift this holiday season!

  1. Unique: We all want to find something special for our loved one that they can't or wouldn't just go out and buy themselves, right? A hand painted silk item is 100% original, no one will have one just like it! I specialize in fulfilling custom orders when my customers have a special desire!
  2. Customizable: We all like to have a little touch of personalization on our gifts, something that shows its ours or reminds us of something special, right? Each tie or scarf I paint is able to be personalized not only with names, but also with special dates :) 
  3. Hand-Made: Each of the items I sell is hand painted by ME. I paint these scarves and ties with love while my 3 small kids nap. By purchasing my art you are keeping me painting- literally. The sales that I make help me buy the supplies I need to continue painting as well as are a little source of income for a stay at home Mom. 
  4. LOVE: When your loved ones gets their unique hand painted item they will feel so special. Just imagine Grandpa getting this tie above with all the Kids or Grandkids names on it. It will be his conversation piece and he will be sure to talk about each person whose name is listed on that tie. My customers LOVE their ties! 
  5. Quality: Each item I paint is made with the best quality silk and French Dyes or Silk Paint that I can buy. Your item isn't mass produced or made by a factory but is hand painted, steamed, pressed and followed and wrapped by my own two hands. 
So what are you waiting for?! Order you scarves and ties now, while there is still time for special orders and shipping.

Use the code FREESHIPPING at checkout to save $5.00 or more on your order today!

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