Monday, March 3, 2014

My Honey- Perfume

Do you have a perfume that is your fragrance? That when people smell it they are reminded of you?

I have always preferred using Bath and Body Work's fragrance mist- it is light and it doesn't make my head hurt. But at the same time I have wanted to find a perfume that would be my special fragrance.
I had thought it was this one:

And since my youth this one has stuck in my mind as the perfume that smelled most like roses of any. As a teenager I always imagined that when I grew up I would smell like roses. So eventually when I was older and had money I got this perfume. I liked it, but it was a bit too powerful for me, and I would spray it on my ankles because if it was too close me face it would overpower me or make my head hurt.

Problem number two is that my husband says it smells like soap. Oops.

For my birthday back in November I was give a gift card for a fragrance shop. I had tried several perfumes, whenever I passed the shop, none were something I liked enough to buy. 

A couple weeks back I passed the store and saw this new perfume advertised. The name drew me in, I just loved that title.  I went in and tried it, delightful!

Plus my husband liked it- which is really most important, right?!

I have never had a fragrance that was "mine." My husband does, and when I smell it I am reminded of him, and I love that.

I tried it again yesterday, gave it a few hours and then when I found the smaller size available I bought it.

The description of the fragrance:

The perfume open ups with lime, honey and fruity notes like that of golden-yellow fruit which lead to a heart of magnolia, lotus, and white jasmine. The feminine heart rests on the base of musk, blond wood, and raspberry. Source
I just love my new perfume and feel so special having my own "real perfume".  Plus it is so delicate that I can spray it on my wrists and still want to use more :) Thanks to my colleagues who gave me the gift card.

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