Thursday, March 6, 2014

Frozen- My parental review
I had not seen the new film Frozen until I talked to my sister. After she told me that she felt that Disney had made this movie more child friendly I wanted to see it to preview it for my kids. Plus it seemed like people have really been excited about this film, so I wanted to see what all the hype was about. 

My favorite thing by far was the music, I also liked the beginning part where the little sister goes and asks the big sister to play. It was just so cute and realistic, down to the cute tone in her voice about having to go play :) There are a lot of cute moments during the film, though some parts are rather scary (for kids).

I was hesitant to show this film to my kids who are 5 and 3 because we are very careful/strict with what we show them, and they have never seen anything with magic- except for Cinderella.

When I did show it to them yesterday I skipped the intense parts- because my kids get scared by things like that.

My favorite things:

 - The songs: Do you wanna to build a snowman is my top favorite song, then Frozen Heart, Reindeers, Fixer Upper,

-The personality of Anna, she is cute, outgoing and honest.

-I also got a kick out of the trading post owner- his voice and gestures and the people in the sauna reminded me of LV- that was just so funny.

I won't be showing my kids the full film until they are older, I am not fond of children being introduced to people with powers. Even the calm parts where she just made snow and ice brought up a lot of questions from the kids, and it is rather hard to explain.

My final thoughts are that it is a good visual lesson on the way fear paralyzes us and freezes our worlds and our hearts. When we let God's love overcome our fears we are free, just like Elsa was finally free when she let go of her fear.

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