Saturday, April 27, 2013

Today at the Bakery

 So today was the day I got to try my hand at baking at this cute bakery. It was fun volunteering there today. But nothing went quite as planned.

It has been a long time since I baked in any kitchen, other than my own. And I had forgotten how very much ones kitchen plays into the general outcome of what one makes. I had a whole slew of unexpected problems and outcomes. Everything turned out well in the end, some things very well, and it seemed people liked my things in general. I wish I had had more time to concentrate on making things pretty- not sure if the goal was quantity or if I could have made less and focused more on making things pretty.

We will see what the outcome of this all turns out to be- who knows maybe I will end up working there :) Thanks to those of you who stopped by and said "hi". I appreciated the support of friends.


  1. Everything I tasted was excellent!

  2. I just flashed back to college and Harlan! You're incredibly talented my dear sweet friend :)