Thursday, April 11, 2013

Little House

When I was a kid we used to watch "Little House on the Prairie." I have always enjoyed that show. And was happy when my sister gave me the first two seasons as Christmas gift.

Today I finally got around to watching the first episode. I love the good, true morals. I like the strong emphasis on family and working hard. The theology of the parson could use some correction at times, but at least even the youngest child is singing along in church :)

Charles sure does remind me of my brother A. Strong, determined, a man of his word, capable of doing anything for his family and willing to work both day and night. Wow, I admire my brother. But these two sure are stubborn :)

In this episode Laura wore a yellow bonnet made from the same fabric of a favorite dress I used to have. I have always loved long, pretty dresses. And thanks to my grandma I had many of those growing up, many of which were made for her daughters when they were young.

Charles playing the fiddle reminds me of my other brother. There is something so nice about the sound a fiddle in the house. Sure glad he learned how to play that thing. I hope he doesn't soon forget.

Interesting how the things we grew up watching have somehow woven cords of harmony in the people we have become. I see that now like I never did before. . . 

Looking forward to more pleasant moments watching this as I sew or paint. . .

What do you do when you multi-task? 

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  1. I knit/sew while listening to audiobooks... since I review so many books and knit so much stuff, it's best if I do both at the same time. Plus when I was a kid, my mom would read books out loud to me while I worked on doll clothes or quilts, so it's sort of an urge. I'll sit down to sew and be like "Ah I need a story!"