Saturday, April 13, 2013

Learning to Sew

I have a very early memory of learning to sew with my grandma Vivian. My Mom says if my memory is correct I could not have been more than 2.

Ever since I was kid I have been creating something.

I used to make Barbie clothes, even for my tiny little toddler Barbies. I would make gifts for my family too. I am always spontaneous, and not always careful about where I decide to cut out my design. As a kid I remember having my fabric on the bed and cutting out something, but I accidentally cut my Grandma's quilt too. OOPS!

When my little girl was born I remember thinking my dream  had come true. At least that is what my husband said. I had wanted a daughter to sew pretty dresses for and to teach all kinds of feminine, girly things to.

My little girl turns 3 next week, and I still have not sewed her a single dress.

Perhaps it is the fact there is another Baby now. Perhaps it is because I"m just too busy.  . . I don't know.

But I decided she must have a dress and I must finish her baby quilt. Both of the boys had their baby quilts finished in a timely manner. She is nearly 3, and hers is still not finished. EEK!

So I have been sewing lately. The quilt is nearly done. I am putting the binding on. And today I began making a pattern and cutting out a dress for my sweet little girlie. She was fascinated by the idea that I'm making her a dress.

My 4 year old boy was watching me cut fabric and just getting into mischief. So I decided it was time he learned to sew. I cut out a square, drew lines and showed him how to sew a seam. I told him he was going to make a bean bag (he didn't even know what it was). But he enjoyed sewing and I sewed over it with my sewing machine so the beans wouldn't escape. Another good time taking activity was filling it with dried peas. Then I showed him how to sew it shut. He did that part all on his own.

Success! First sewing lesson accomplished. Bean bag done! And lots of new games to play that boys love with bean bags!

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