Saturday, September 22, 2012

Walking on Air

Lately it seems so many fun, new things have been happening. Yesterday was no exception and I picked up our nanny in the morning and headed to Riga- the capital of LV.

One thing to note about our nanny is that she is no longer JUST our nanny- she will also in the next year  become my sister-in-law. I am so excited my brother chose the sweetest girl I could imagine- but so bummed to lose the best nanny anyone could ever hope to find. Congratulations you two!

I had plans for the later afternoon, but we had decided to go on her first search for a wedding dress. It was so much fun seeing her try on about 10 dresses and discover her style. I also realized it was the first time I have ever had the privilege of going wedding dress shopping with anyone- other than for my own dress. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and K-boy was such an angel and so patient. (He is 5 mos. old now and such a happy little man).

We had a lovely lunch at an Italian place and then I rushed off for my silk painting lesson. I paint nearly every day and by now painting is second nature to me. However, I have never had a lesson from a professional and am wanting to begin painting with dyes rather than paints. So I had scheduled a lesson with a professional silk artist. Besides we can always learn something new, right?

I so loved all the little tips I gleaned yesterday, some were so simple but things I just didn't know. Other things were totally new and I got to try my hand at batik style painting with wax on the silk. I went away from my class super excited and so eager to try new things and pass on the knowledge I already have from 6 years of silk painting already. I feel like I am now taking my painting to the next level and it was invigorating.

This week I learned how to dance the waltz and had a wonderful silk lesson and I am super excited. I realized I love learning new things.

I am also thrilled about how plans are coming together for my silk classes which I will be teaching while we are in the States. My schedule is starting to fill up and these beginner classes are going to be so much fun. 

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