Monday, September 10, 2012

Too Many Cartoons ?

Our four year old loves to watch cartoons. We are very careful in what we show him and his sister, aged 2. We also only let them earn their cartoon privilege by either having taken a nap or having been quiet during nap time.

However, our four year old NEVER seems to have enough. He whines and fusses for more, or cries on the days when he was too noisy to earn his viewing.

We never intended to do so, but somehow it seems we have allowed an addiction to develop.

I was very happy to see the topic of cartoons addressed in the latest number of one of the top parenting magazines in Latvia, "Mans Mazais."

I am going to share with you the Recipe for Cartoon Watching as shared in the magazine, with my translation.

  1. Don't be afraid to control what your child watches. 
  2. 5 min. x the age of the child per day. Ex: A 3 year old can watch 15 min. a day, a 4 year old 20 min. a day. 
  3. Watch cartoons with your child. Ex: You don't have to watch long to see what the main idea is and whether this is a cartoon you approve of.
  4. Balance the real with the fantasy: Ex: After watching cartoons go out and play.
  5. If you see violence turn it off. 
  6. Don't create an addiction: Ex: In trying to be "good" parents we let our kids watch cartoons because they want to-but we are unintentionally creating a addiction by letting them watch too often or too much. 
So what is your opinion?

Which cartoons do you let your toddlers, ages 2-5 watch? 

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