Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summertime = Berry Time

The berry season is in full swing here in Latvia and we are putting up some of everything.

We worked about about 24 kilogram of strawberries, made some jam, dried some and froze the rest. I love slicing them with sugar and freezing them. We also froze some blended up that are wonderful with pancakes or ice cream.

About that same time we had cherry time- we have 2 huge sweet cherry trees and this year they were loaded. We dried a lot of them- they are great in granola- I make our own and we love it! Made some jam and invited lots of friends to come and pick cherries.

This week we have worked up a different berry every day.

Black currants are very popular here and so healthy. We got 10 kilograms of these.  We steamed some of them in our juicer steamer. The juice concentrate is great when the kids are sick. We also made jam.

Red currants- we again made juice concentrate.

Today we went raspberry picking and picked 6+ kg. We made some jam and froze some.

I love having all of these to eat in winter. It is a ton of work now and a bit chaotic with three kids. I sometimes feel I have a circus at home. Needless to say not much is happening in the silk shop at present.

Oh well.

What are you doing this summer?

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