Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Mommy Day

It all began with a need to have some quiet, me time. 

I decided to go to Riga (the capital of Latvia) and get a few things for the cake I need to make this weekend.  

First I went to a supply store I had never been to. I was shocked and elated at the huge selection of food supplies, cake supplies and all kinds of other things for restaurants. This was the first store I have seen with a selection like I am accustomed to in the States. Needless to say I am elated to have finally found a store with most everything a baker and cake decorator could desire :) 

One of my finds was a rose mold very similar to this one. I have a lot of marzipan to work with and roses to make for the cake. Forming each one by hand is time consuming and so I decided to give this mold a try. I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is to use! Yay! 

Next I headed into Old Riga- I love the old historic part of Riga that is over 800 years old and packed with history. It is fun to roam the cobblestone streets and watch the tourists and check out the cute shops. However, I had other things on my agenda and the first was to see if one souvenir shop -the biggest chain in Riga- would take my silk scarves on consignment. We had a very nice visit and they would have gladly taken them- but I didn't have the right documents along and I am not sure I am willing to sell them for so little. They would pay me $30-$40.00 and sell them for twice that much. I was much encouraged to know though that they liked them. They were especially charmed by the silk hat.

After this I went to the Decorative Art Museum where there was an exhibition of Victorian Dresses. I loved taking in the details, colors and patterns. It was inspiring. I was amazed at the beading on many of the dresses and imagined the many hours those young women put into one ball gown. Wow! I wish I had some gorgeous dresses like those. I was thinking if I did have such beautiful gowns my job would be to wear them and just look beautiful. I wouldn't be able to work in the garden or cook. (LOL). Then I was reminded of the verse in the Bible about beauty coming from the inside, not by adornments. 

After this I was famished and in a hurry to keep running my many errands on my list. I was trying to find a fast, cheap place to grab a bite. I happened upon a cute French cafe. I ordered a croissant with cheese and ham, a bottle of blueberry juice and a macaron. 
 French Macarons - 24 Assorted French Macaron Box

The croissant was warmed and was flaky, light and simply scrumptious. Every bite seemed to melt in my mouth- wow- I must have been hungry! 

The blueberry juice was simply refreshing!

But the macaron-my first ever macaron! Now, that was love at first bite! I had ordered a pistachio one and W-O-W! If you have never had a macaron I would say there is no possible way of adequately describing one. But I shall try: 
almondy doughiness, 
creamy pistachio frosting, 
nestled between light, 
purely delightful,
melt in your mouth flavors

Need I say more? 

After my wonderful lunch I was ready to conquer the rest of my shopping. But it was during this leisurely day that I realized something. 

Every Mommy needs a day to have an adventure. This day was for me a time to do something different than my everyday life. I love my kids,  I love my life. But I need peace and quiet now and then. I need a time to do something that makes my heart pound- like pushing my business in a new direction. I need time to think and pray- like quiet time walking and driving. I need time to enjoy something new-like new cafes and new tastes. I feel totally refreshed after a day like yesterday. 

We Mamas are hard-worked and need to make time, once a week, once a month or at least sometimes to have an adventure, a retreat or a hair-cut! Whatever makes us feel refreshed! 

Today I was able to start my day with a renewed enthusiasm and joy.

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