Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jane Eyre

So I just finished reading Jane Eyre. I had seen the movie ages ago and expected I would not like the book because all I recall from it is that it was rather depressing.

However, I was very pleased and surprised how much I enjoyed and loved this book.

I loved Jane's character- I mean who she was as a person. Her strength of determination, her faith in God and her desire to be spotless in who she was as a woman was superb. I was really impressed that despite her tremendous love for Mr. Rochester when she realized he was married to a lunatic she fled. She longed to be with him- but she chose what was right as better than what her heart longed for.

I was surprised by all the mentions of God and an active faith him that were present in this book.

I highly recommend it. It is a bit strange and odd in regards to the lunatic wife in a scene or two. But the rest and especially the latter 1/3 of the book are wonderful.

I also was thinking of young women our days and comparing Jane's strength of character to so many nowadays. It is incomprehensible to me when a lady will give up her entire character and who she is as a woman for the sake of a man. I personally find this hard to understand- I always felt if I were to disregard my morals and beliefs it would be as if I was no longer me- Elizabeth.

Anyhow- Jane Eyre is a book worth reading if you are into classic literature as I am. What are your favorite classic books?

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