Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hello Rome and Other Thoughts

So on Saturday we are off to Rome. We will be there until Tuesday evening.

Just the two of us are going- well three since one is hiding.

I know that if I read about any of my friends going to Rome I would be jealous. But the closer it gets the more nervous I feel and the more I don't want to go. I feel confused. I DO want to go and see Rome and spend time with my honey for our anniversary.

But I can't stand the thought of leaving our kids for that long. It will be the first time and I keep worrying about would happen if something happened to us and who would raise them and what if they get sick and on and on.

I am so SICK of worrying- and at times I give it over to God and am ok. But then they are sweet and precious and give me hugs and kisses and want to be with me and my worrying starts all over and I just wish we were taking them with us.

Then other times they are both cranks and crying their heads off and I am so glad they aren't going with us. I feel like I am running in circles. YIKES!

Then there is my shop- last year I sold quite a lot this time of year. This year, NOTHING. I am really sad about this! I try not to dwell on it because it is just so depressing. Especially since I had hoped to make some money before Rome. Boo hoo !

Yesterday I had a visit with the midwife. I am 21 weeks, but she said I look to be 25 weeks. She said this is going to be another big baby. At least as big as Amelija who was nearly 4.5 kg. YIKES!

I ran around Old Riga last night asking in souvenir shops about selling my scarves. I got several contacts and need to show my work to their directors.

So that is all my friends.

Pray for safety for as we travel to Rome and that I would not worry.

Pray for my kids to be good for the nanny and to stay healthy.

Pray for my health. I have a cold and I want to be better by Saturday.


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