Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 18

Is the day when Latvia celebrates its Independence Day. So of course it is a national holiday.

We headed to Riga in the afternoon to join in the festivities. There are lots of free concerts. We had chosen to go to a kokle concert. Kokles are fascinating to me because they are a traditional Latvian instrument. The concert was a group of four ladies.

They played in a museum of Jugend Style in a room that held about 30 people. It was so lovely, and small and personal. I love the Jugend- early 1900 decor. It was so much more than I anticipated. The girls working in the museum were dressed in Victorian clothes with the most wonderful hats. This time era always pleases me and so when the music started I was taken over by emotions because the whole atmosphere- decorations, and beautiful music was just so lovely. Of course I cried. Which reminded me of my grandma and her saying through her tears (as she listens to music), "It is just too beautiful. I can't take it." That made me smile to myself.

When the concert was over we got to walk about the museum. It was small, but  charming. It has been refurbished to look like an apartment would have looked at that time.

We then walk a bit about Riga. There were tons of people- I heard there were a million out that evening. We left before the larger crowds arrived. But we enjoyed seeing some gatherings and light exhibitions.

We ended our evening out by eating at McDonald's. Something we never ever do- but a fun way to feel American now and then :) The kids loved that.

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