Friday, November 4, 2011

Another Cake

I am making another wedding cake today. Just a little one- for 30 people. It is to be the same kind as before, black forest. With dark chocolate, cherries, cream filling, swiss buttercream and marzipan.

I must say I am very, very pleased how my swiss buttercream turned out this time. It is ideal; smooth, glossy and delicious. Perfect for decoration. I used the recipe on this site ( I love her site and recipes) She is so inspiring. Last time I made a wedding cake I had a few problems with this frosting- but this time- wow! I only made half of the recipe for my small cake and it was just the right amount for frosting the cake before the layer of marzipan and for the decorations.

Ok, must run and finish my cake- enough rejoicing or boasting :) But seriously, try the swiss buttercream!


  1. Which website has the recipe for Swiss buttercream ?