Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Good Day

I'm never too excited when I have to leave my kids all day. But I had tons of errands to run in Riga before my 16:00 appointment. So I left home at 1 pm.

I was on a quest for some very specific ingredients for my birthday cake and other goodies:
sweet potatoes
marshmallow cream
rice crispies

I headed to a special grocery.They had sweet potatoes, but they were expensive and didn't have the other ingredients. So I left and went to another store. I love going to this store because they have so many American foods. But sometimes they are very pricey. I got some sweet potatoes- but not the kind I'm familiar with. These are from Israel and slightly different. I found rice crispies, but alas NO marshmallow cream. They no longer carry it. Sad. Now I will have to find a recipe and make that too. Yikes.

Then I went to the market and got some things and rushed on.

I had my 16:00 appointment and that went well.

Then I went to the fabric store. Having no children and a car in Riga is a rare combination for me. Especially with time to kill. I enjoyed my time looking at fabric and notions! I then decided to walk to a nearby art store where I buy my silk painting supplies.

Note: Do not rush or walk quickly in the dark.

I was nearly there when I VERY badly twisted my ankle by stepping on the edge of a puddle which was also a hole. Thankfully there was some kind of large electrical box nearby where I could recover and wonder if I might have to call my husband to come rescue me. After yelping and resting I could finally limp on- but not without pain.

At 18:00 I headed to the the church where for the past 8 weeks J and I have been attending a marriage seminar. We got lots of great advice on communication and that sort of thing. Not that we are having problems- but we want to be prepared :) This was our last event and was a special romantic evening. I changed and waiting for him to arrive. My ankle still very sore and stiff.

The supper was lovely, and the company good. They had promised us a surprise and we were indeed surprised when we were all led downstairs for a dance lesson. The room was full of couples learning to dance and we had fun with some Louis Armstrong music. Though Janis and I were probably the couple with the most problems dancing. I don't know how to dance at ALL! Nor do I catch on easily it seems. Plus my ankle was hurting again due to high heels- oh silly women that we are!

Home again at 22:30. J took our babysitter home.

I checked my etsy shop and remembered there were shop critiques. I have been trying to sign up for a shop critique- which they do twice a week. So far I have never been successful. But I always sit and listen to the Livestream- hoping to be chosen and ask questions to the others on the chat. This critique was on photography and since my husband has been reading a lot on the topic I asked him if he had any questions. He did have one question which I sent in. As the program was ending and again I had not been noticed she started looking at her questions in queue. Then she chose our question and showed my shop and commented on the pictures that had drawn her in. She had lots of good things to say and some advice. But I was super excited to finally get at least a partial shop critique! Yay!

What a good day!

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