Thursday, November 13, 2014

Why every Mom needs a Mom-cation

After 6 1/2 years of being a Mom and all the joys and stress that goes with three kids and a puppy and life I can tell you I was wound up, stressed out and easily angered. I found myself using the word "nervous" to describe myself and I had never done so before. I found myself impatient and tired, and just worn out.

My sister needed a break from her life, she invited me to meet her in England. I hesitantly agreed; with the requirement that I would go only if my husband could get off work for those 5 days. He did so- joyfully- and I found myself headed on a Mom-cation.

I must say the weeks and days leading up to that I was worried, feeling very guilty and wondering how everyone would do with me gone. I felt so scared as I flew away, wondering if I'd make it home safely again. I consoled myself with the thought, "if I am meant to die it will happen whether I am flying or at home." (Pathetic? I know. But I was feeling dramatic).

6 days and 5 nights later I got home and now know that was exactly what I needed to get my life back where it needed to be.

So here is why every Mom needs a vacation.

  1. You have time to think, sleep, BE and sit in silence. 
  2. You come back feeling like a new person; the things that would have made you lose it before are no longer so irritating because you have "unwound."
  3. You come home realizing once again that your husband is the best man and Dad and that he is TOTALLY capable of running the house without you or your constant bossing. He is the DADDY not the baby-sitter. 
  4. You see your husband and your marriage with new eyes of appreciation, which makes you feel like you are starting a new phase in your lives or perhaps a 2nd honeymoon :) 
  5. You have time to just be you. If you wanna shop, you do it. If you wanna chill in a coffee shop- go for it. The thing is that no one has any demands on your time and you can just live it up, or down ALONE or with a friend or sister :)
  6. You get your life readjusted and back on track and have time to gain the perspective you just couldn't grasp while you were at home. 
  7. You realize you are strong in ways that you had forgotten or never knew (depending on what you do for your mom-cation). 
  8. You see your life when you come back through the lenses of peace- which makes you value your blessings where you had forgotten how. And prepares you for the challenges facing you.
  9. You have time to do the things you want to do: journaling, sleeping, shopping, sitting, walking.
  10. You realize that your position in life at this moment as a Mommy and wife is the best thing in the world and your favorite place to be and all you needed was to step back so you could see the whole picture.  . 

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  1. Yeap, that's so! Today I am leaving Maris with my 4 kids + my sister daughter for 2 days and 1 night, because I and my sister Gita will have small vacation.