Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Puppies and People

It has been one month since we brought our puppy home. It has been hard,very hard getting used to a furry, sharp teethed ball of life running through our home.

Numerous times we have talked of selling her- because of the stress and new trials she has caused.

Yet- we have made it this far and we do love our little furry Lassie. We have had a lot of fun with her this month and she has learned a lot.

But the thing that surprises me most about having a puppy are the people around us.

Latvians are in my opinion quite reserved and quiet- not often talking to strangers. But everywhere that I go with our puppy it is like a key has opened the doors of these silent folks and compliments come flying our way whenever we are out in public.

Today I took her for her vaccinations and a stop in at work to show her to my co-workers.

An elderly gentlemen on the street informed me our puppy was just as lovely as her owner :)

It seems as if nearly everyone must stop and say how sweet she is and how cute and how old is she, and what is her name, etc. I am completely amazed how these quiet folks are so enamored by our puppy.

Lassie loves people and doesn't know a stranger at this point- hopefully in time she will get more cautious otherwise I worry she could get stolen.

So one month into having a puppy our kids like her. My terrified of dogs daughter is very fond of Lassie and even willing to play with her at times.

My 2 year old loves giving her snacks from his open palm and in general things have settled down a bit now that we are growing accustomed to life with a dog.

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