Monday, December 9, 2013

Advent Calendar

I had never done an advent calendar with my kids, and am not sure that we ever did growing up either. But since this year we had our big calendar on the wall that I had made for the kids, it just seemed like we MUST have an advent calendar.

I really didn't even know what that meant. . I did some research. I decided I didn't want my kids just to get treats every day. I want them and myself to be prepared for the real meaning of Christmas by doing something meaningful. I searched Pinterest and found lots of ideas.

The one we ended up doing was found here, and here is our version of that.

Thanks to my friend Ieva and her amazing Sizzex I made these little envelopes and ornaments. Each day has an assignment to help us prepare ourselves for Christmas. Some of those are: make a manger scene from play-dough, help someone in need, bake Christmas cookies together, read the Christmas story, get a Christmas tree, etc.

So far the kids are really enjoying this and I like that it keeps us in a mood of preparation for the birthday of the KING.

What are you doing for advent?

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