Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Dear Daddy 

Thank you for  wanting me and always telling the story of how you rejoiced over my birth so much that you yelled out the window "I have a girl."

Thanks for reading to us growing up. The books you read shaped the beliefs and worldviews I hold. It was hearing about the missionaries around the world that led me to study Intercultural Studies. Thank you. 

Thank you for teaching me to fish and taking us fishing as kids. I love that we did that as a family and I can do it with my kids. 

Thank you for all the music lessons you paid for, I love that I can play the piano and even the violin some. 

Thank you for always setting us an example of a man of God, and that you have never lived a double life at home and work. 

Thanks for all the prayers, tears and love. 

I love you Daddy! 

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