Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Straight Pin Adventure

Today I went to the local sewing shop to get some straight pins with balls on the end. I need these for my silk painting, to use as claws for the stretching of the silk.

However, they didn't have the kind with balls on the ends. So I was directed to the Universal Store. This store is a 3 story department store, with a little bit of everything. When you step into this store it as if you are stepping back in time. Nothing has changed in the way they do things it would appear in at least the last 30 years. We wonder how they survive with all the new malls and stores. Maybe older folks like feeling like things don't change.

All of the items in the store are behind the counter, beyond reach, and must be requested if you desire to look at them more closely. I remember how we found that so strange and cold when we came to live here for one year in 1996.

As I made my several store stops I was thinking how life is so much more complicated here- even just to get straight pins. There is no Wal-Mart to run to where you can find at least 3 kinds of straight pins and they are always in stock. I certainly got spoiled with our 2 months in America and the easy accessibility to Wal-Mart and any fancy I might have night or day being within reach.

At least I did find some pins- and can now get back into the business of silk painting. I have been so busy trying to get into a routine with cooking, cleaning, caring for the kids and doing homeschool that I haven't had time to paint. I have been yearning to do some painting and hope that soon I will again being able to take up my brush and let the color flow!

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