Friday, August 10, 2012

He Answers Prayer

Sometimes it is easy to think God isn't listening as well as we would like or He isn't answering the way we would like. It is easy to get so caught up in our lives that we fail to see how He is working. And then there are the times we pray and He answers, and we realize maybe we hadn't really wanted that certain thing to REALLY happen. Sometimes I think we fail to think of all the details of what our answered prayers would mean.

Lately I have seen God answering prayers at a really fast pace in our lives and it is so amazing. But yet hard to accept at times.

  1.  Visit to my Homeland: After my parents returned to the US after their short visit here in May I was really worried and concerned as to when our family is ever going to pay another visit to my homeland. We now number 5 and tickets are so expensive. I was praying and worrying about this alot and even praying that someday we could pay a longer visit to America so my husband could learn more about the culture I grew up in. The Answer: My parents offered to pay 2/3 of our ticket price to America. So after much searching of good prices we will get to pay a visit to my parents. Yay, God! 
  2. Allergy:  My 2 year old has had a rash on her hands for the last year- we have been at a loss to understand what she was allergic too. The Answer: We finally discovered that she is allergic to strawberries. What a relief to finally know the source of her allergy.
  3. Coal: We heat our house with coal and are in need of a new supply for this winter. My husband told me it is going to cost about $1000.00. Yikes, we need to pay back that much to my Dad by next year. How are we going to afford it?! The Answer: My husband had put an ad out as he does every year that he is looking for coal (sometimes people switch their heating method and don't need their supply). He hadn't gotten any calls, but today someone called and said he can have their coal for free as long as he can come and get if off their hands! It may not be enough, but it is a start. 
  4. Luggage Rack: My husband had lost one side of his luggage rack on his work vehicle and was searching for a replacement- which would have cost $100.00. He was bummed to have somehow lost the left side rack without having even realized it. The Answer: Today an acquaintance called my husband and said he had the missing rack and that it had fallen off in front of his house and he had watched my husband drive past and realized it belonged to him since he was missing one side! Yay, God.
  5. Secret: I have a huge answer to prayer, but since this one is not my news I will save it for another time until the new comes out more publicly. Suffice it to say God is doing great things in my brother's life! 

It is amazing to see the handiwork of our Father in our lives. What is He doing in your life?

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  1. Praise God for answered prayer!!! It's exciting to hear what God is doing over there. Interestingly enough, just before you made the decision about the visit to America, God woke me one night and had me praying for you and your family, but most of all for Janis!!! Isn't our God an awesome God!! He's been moving in a mighty way in Rebekah and Daniel's lives this summer, too!!!