Monday, June 13, 2011

The Value of a Penny

I live in a former third world country. This is not my home country. Yes, my ancestors came from this land. But I was not born here. Life is hard here is many ways. But made beautiful by art, nature, joy, love and faith.

Right now our family is going through some times of having very little money. It makes one realize the value of a few cents in a whole new way. When we have plenty 70 cents for a bottle of water seems nothing. Now those 70 cents are counted as precious so that I can buy milk for the kids. Wow, living frugally and with less readjusts ones view on life.

On a brighter note my son is going to be 3 on Saturday and Friday is my giveaway. Send me your contact info and become a follower of my blog and you could be THE lucky winner.

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