Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Garden

 This was the first year I had a "need" to have a flower garden. Though the plot had been waiting for some years now for its use - this year was the year that it called my name.

Last year I planned the herb garden and had a few pansies. Sad things they were I now realize when looking back at photos.

In my mind I have an idea of my perfect garden and how I will feel there and the lovely things that will grow there.

But I have a few problems- the first being I have no flower growing experience. So this year I bought lots of various seeds and planted them- so I would know how the seedlings are to look. I realized too I need to get to know flowers and find out which ones I like. Sure I know the basics like, petunias, pansies, marigolds, etc. But who knew that foxgloves were extremely poisonous, i only found that out after I had one growing in my garden- and let me tell you I got rid of it FAST!

I have just realized I don't have any very good photos of my garden when it was at its peek- now things are starting to dry out and it isn't as lovely as before. But here are a few photos. 

Here are a few artistic photos of the garden :)

I really enjoyed getting lots of flowers and growing lots of them from seeds. I have learned alot about flowers this year and made some new favorite flower friends.

Looking forward to next year when I can keep on learning and slowly adding to my perennials.

What are your favorite flowers?

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