Monday, July 4, 2011

Painter's Block

We recently watched the movie "Stranger than Fiction." I really enjoyed it, I have always secretly wanted to have my own bakery because I love creating scrumptious delicacies and so I really liked the girl.

Anyhow lately I feel I have no inspiration and an all together serious case of painter's block- if there is such a thing. . . It could be because of my overwhelming tiredness of late, or the busyness of summer; gathering our continual produce and putting it up for winter. I feel so preoccupied and as if my painting has been entirely pushed aside. I don't like that. But also when nothing is selling in my shop I am also quite uninspired to paint anything new.

What do you do when you are feeling you have painter's block, or sewer's block or whatever kind of "block" you face?


  1. I have often suffered from the same "creative block" The best advice that I have received and I shall pass on to you is - "Inspiration shall come, but she must find you working." Good luck!

  2. Thanks, that is very fine advice. I will try to take it to heart :)