Saturday, April 4, 2015

Gifts that Hug your Mom

A mother is usually the most important person we will ever know in our lives. She is the one through which life comes to our fragile bodies. She is the one who sacrificed self-comfort, sleep, her own flesh for YOU. She is the one who gave hugs, kissed owies and prayed for you. 

A Mom is someone no one wants to do without! 

Mother's Day is a day when we stop and try to shower our special women with attention, to show them how much we really do appreciate all they have done! 

I don't know about you- but as a Mom I love knowing that my little ones took the time to make me a card, or sing me a song, or pick me some flowers to show they cared. 

For a lot of us our Moms are just far away that our arms too short to give that hug we long to give and money isn't enough to get us to her doorstep for this special day. 

My Mom loves knowing she is loved- in whatever way I can show it best. For me that is to create something or buy something just for HER. 

I created my silk scarves with the love and beauty of spring and peace in them. They make perfect Mom gifts- believe me- I know. My Mom loves getting them from me :) 

Perhaps you don't see a scarf in the colors  you desire, or maybe you want something so unique you need a custom order. Maybe a favorite quote, or song, or favorite flower. . . 

I have lots of new spring scarves in my shop and all custom orders need to be placed by April 10 to be sure to give me time to paint them and ship them. I can even include a beautiful card for your Mom with a special message just for you! 

So why not spoil your Mom, or perhaps send someone a hint of how you'd like to be spoiled and "hugged" with a silk scarf around your neck this Mom's Day. 

You are the best Mom your child has right now! Love yourself! And know that you are SPECIAL! 

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