Friday, June 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Sweet Cousin

Somewhere out there in this big wide world I have a cousin who has a birthday today.

I don't have your address or phone number. I don't know what you are doing or even where you live. But what I do know is that today is your birthday.

I have always thought you a pretty, lovely lady. Since you were the oldest of the cousins and I was the second oldest female cousin I always admired you. I loved how you were elegant, and feminine and able to express yourself through acting. Yet at the same time you knew how to play with the boys- you even played those big games of football at Thanksgiving. Wow!

I remember how when we all lived at Grandma's house you used to turn on some nice loud music and clean the house. Somehow that stuck with me and I like doing that too. It gets me moving and helps me stay cheerful while cleaning.

I loved dressing up with gals and walking around Wheaton one fine day. It was fun to be fine ladies together.

I loved the way you talk- always so clear and you were so great at doing accents. I'd love to see you interacting with your kids now. . . 

I love you dear cousin, wherever you are. I wish that we could keep in touch despite the distance and all the changes life has brought. I know people just drift apart- but I wanted you to know, wherever you are I am thinking about you, and I admire you!

Blessings on your birthday! 

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